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Welcome to the world of breathing health !

Professor Konstantin Buteyko discovered some secrets to healthy breathing in the mid 1960's in Russia as he worked with patients in the hospital wards.  These could not be shared with the rest of the world until the 1990's.  What he discovered turned medical thought upside down.  Breathing problems could be cured through practicing proper breathing and learning some breathing exercises to control improper habits.  I'd like to share this with you.

Asthmatics over-breathe.  This means breathing heavily, rapidly or through the mouth when there is no need for it.  Often hyperventilation occurs unconsciously, resulting in irritation, inflammation and constriction of the airways.  Professor Buteyko devised special breathing techniques to control this over-breathing.  The exercises restore normal breathing patterns and greatly reduce symptoms of breathing problems.
Buteyko performs these "miracles" through a course that includes five classes to teach you how to retrain your breathing.  You learn breathing exercises to practice to control the over-breathing and to change the rate of breathing.  This change occurs over a period of 3 to 6 months  of doing the exercises daily.  By then, you should have achieved the expected changes and need only a short exercise each morning.  During this time, as you improve, the need for your medication decreases.  Most asthmatics are able to reduce the use of the reliever by 90% during the initial class period.  After the initial classes, you proceed on your own doing the exercises with email or telephone support from your practitioner.  You should continue with your doctor as needed while you improve.
The method is not about tossing away your drugs, neither does it involve religion, physiotherapy, medication, rebirthing, vitamins, special diets, hypnotherapy,  power of positive thinking or elaborate equipment.  There is no physical contact with the instructor or anyone else in the class.
The first priority of Buteyko is always SAFETY.
Buteyko for people of all ages.

There are other benefits reported by Buteyko users.  They all relate to the increase in oxygen in all the body tissues.  These are no guaranteed but occur frequently:
     Increased energy
     Lowering of blood pressure
     Better control of diabetes
     Better memory
     Weight loss
     Improvement in MS symptoms
Medical trials sponsored by the Australian Association of Asthma Foundation show that people who practice the Buteyko method of asthma control, comfortably reduce their asthma reliever medication by 96% and their steriods by 49% within three months of starting the program.
Traditional medicine feels that Asthma is a chronic condition that will never get better.  Trials have shown that medication for this condition will not cure it and may make it worse.  Buteyko users know you can get better!

Bette Morris,  Ft Myers, Florida
email:  bjmbuteyko1@earthlink.net